The Confrérie


Jean-Claude Jalloux

The Confrérie du Sabre d’Or was established in France in 1986 by Jean-Claude Jalloux, who is still the titular head (Grand Maître) today. Since then, the governing body (Le Grand Conseil) has established Embassies (chapters) in twenty-one countries, with new members and affiliated venues (Caveaux) joining all the time.

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The Confrérie du Sabre d’Or was brought to the United Kingdom in 1999 by wine agent Julian White, with the help of Champagne producer Philippe Brugnon, both of whom are also still highly active participants in the day-to-day running of the Confrérie, and regular attendees at events—further evidence that Champagne and sabrage keep one young and active! The UK & Ireland chapter currently has twenty-eight Caveaux (detailed here), which organise wonderful events for our members.

Julian White

Julian White is a man not easily summarised in a few words and a single photograph, so we recommend watching his appearance on QI:

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The head of a Confrérie Embassy is, as one might imagine, called the Ambassador (Ambassadeur or Ambassadeuse). The UK & Ireland chapter has had three Ambassadors to date:


An Ambassador chooses a Council—a team to help him, her, or them in the running of the chapter. The present UK & Ireland Ambassador, Justin Rhodes, has selected the following members of the Confrérie to serve as his Council:


The Council is also supported by Echevins (Aldermen), who are long-standing senior members of the Confrérie (including past Council members), and by Consuls and Connétables, who have the responsibility of representing the Ambassador and raising awareness of the Confrérie in specific regions.


Lady Purvis
Jonathan Curran
Neil Sherry
Nick Thomson

John Amand
David Herbert
Judy Tayler-Smith
Robert Weldon-Gamble


Scotland: Sheila Douglas

Ireland: J. P. Kavanagh


City of London: Simon Tayler-Smith
Essex: Graham Bond
Herefordshire: Tim MacAndrews
Berks & Bucks: Mike Shepherd
Kent: Nikki Curran
Northants & Beds: Andrew Woodward

Shropshire: Luis Hui
Oxfordshire: Sue Jenkins
Lancashire: Craig Bancroft
Suffolk: Frank Moxon
Yorkshire & Cumbria: Otto Hinderer
Highlands & Islands: Stephen Cribb


The Club is fortunate enough to have its own photographer, Dennis Valdez, who attends many of our events and always manages to immortalise the best and most amusing moments of the evening. If you would like to contact Dennis to book him for your own event, you can email him here.


We are proud to have members of all backgrounds, genders, and (legal drinking) ages based all around the British Isles. Learn more about us, and about how to join us, here: