Festive Fizz 2023

On Friday 9th December, we experimented with a new type of event: a reception aimed at encouraging both members and aspiring Novices to come and perform some festive sabrage.

Seventy-five of us congregated in the hall of 10 Duke St St James’s, an exclusive venue that is not normally open to the public. We enjoyed delicious canapés and mince pies, and most people performed sabrage at least once. We welcomed over twenty-five new Novice Sabreurs and Sabreuses, including physicist Prof. Brian Cox and his wife, presenter and author Gia Milinovich.

Justin and his Council will be exploring more new types of events in the coming months in order to ensure members have even more chances to see each other and introduce friends to the Confrérie, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Most photos courtesy of Sanjeev Gupta (@thebubblybloke)

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